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Leigh Primary School


The school is very excited that our school library project is complete. Every school should have a library and ours is a truly inspiring place for children to select and enjoy books.  The funding for this amazing project has come from a very special place. Please do read the leaflet below from our school PTA which explains this incredible new development for our pupils.

 Our library is arranged in three sections: reference, celebrated authors and examples of a range of fiction genres. The curved shelves meander around the walls with a tree breaking through, seemingly pushing the shelves forwards before breaking through the ceiling. The stone effect fireplace is flanked with hidden drawers with a flame effect fire that steams and smokes. All children have a library card and can check books in and out. Whilst they browse the shelves, above them is a arched ceiling with an uplit blue sky.   

Our children are so deserving of a wonderful library right on their doorstep and so lucky to have a wonderful parent body that have been so passionate about creating and organising this incredible space.

Emma's Library - A wonderful space to enjoy books together.

Celebrated Authors - Across one wall we have baskets of works by authors of note. A great way for children to explore works by authors they are learning about in class.

Atmosphere - So children feel relaxed, the wonderful fireplace with plinth heater helps them to relax and get carried away in a great story or immerse themselves in topic they love to learn about.